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Steve Russler

Steve Russler

Experience in Lease/Rentals
Experience in Fleet Lease and Finance Management

Monarch Leasing Inc.
38 Years Serving The Bay Area
Isuzu and Hino Authorized Dealer

Spec'ing the Correct Truck
Gross Vehicle Weight, Liftgate Options, Body Types, Cab Options

Cost Analysis
Mileage, MPG, Length of Lease, Finance

Service Programs
Full Service Lease
Contract Maintenance
Mobile Maintenance
Parts Distrubtion, Service Support, Truck Body Repair, Truck Rental

Drivers Training Program

Call me today for an appointment
"No Fleet Too Small"
(408) 279-2402 office

Benefits of Leasing From Monarch are:
EXPERIENCE: Years of experience in putting lease packages together for businesses in the bay area.
TROUBLE FREE: This frees your employees to concentrate on your business.
SAVINGS: Monarch can save you money by helping you choose the best lease option, be it a Full Maintenance Program, Lease To Own, or straight Finance Program. Monarch can give you the features and benefits that best suit your company.
TAX ADVANTAGE: Deduct your leasing costs as a business expense with simplified bookkeeping.